It seems that the most difficult is the first step … And the first post! As everybody is afraid of the unknown and undiscovered. Especially when you need to leave your orderly life. But there comes a moment when you simply know that you must do this! So this is why one day we quit our well-paid jobs, resigned from buying a new car and from other conveniences and decided to set off on a journey to Asia. It started from 2-week expeditions, e.g. to Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. And this step led to many others which we don’t regret at all. That step also made us to create this place – a space for commemorating our expeditions, stories about the unknown tastes and sharing impressions from our adventures.

Where has this decision come from? Is it that bad in Poland? No, not at all! It was good. Let’s say ”too good” – we lived as an average contemporary couple overwhelmed with work, responsibilities, career and climbing the ladder higher and higher. The thing is that such conquering peaks has become simply boring and that life in the fast lane wasn’t much fun anymore as it didn’t let us fulfil our real dreams which were always put somewhere aside.
We remember that moment very well – it was that moment when we simply needed to take a breath. Once more we wanted to feel the delight, adventure and taste all this which we haven’t tasted so far. In the end you’ll never be younger than you are at this very moment!
So we took a first step towards the adventure… And this is our first post on this blog which is our invitation to you to experience this adventure with us. But this is only the beginning – ahead of us there are still a lot of kilometres of travel to overcome, a lot of places to discover and plenty of words to write!
On our blog you will encounter 2 different perspectives intertwined: that of a professional cook (as you may easily guess you can expect lots of info about food:P) and the other of a passionate traveller (sharing a bit of landscape benefits, cultural and practical pieces of information useful for every traveller). We hope that our blog will result appealing to you! We invite you to discover with us new corners of the world and interesting exotic tastes!

4 Replies to “Welcome!”

  1. Kasiu, właśnie przed chwilą dostałam namiar na Waszego bloga i widzę, że będzie to pasjonująca lektura na najbliższy czas. Bardzo się cieszę, że mieliście odwagę na realizację marzeń. Buziaki

    1. Witaj Aniu, kopę lat! Dziekuję za te ciepłe słowa 🙂 Nasza podróż wkrótce się kończy, jeszcze został miesiąc. Na pewno ciężko będzie wrócić do rzeczywistosci, zwłąszcza jesli o mnie chodzi, szukać pracy, żeby były fundusze na może następny wyjazd 🙂 co tam u Ciebie? Napiszę do Ciebie na fb, mam nadzieję, że jeszcze używasz, tam też mamy mnóstwo zdjęć z podróży i relacji na bieżąco. Gorąco pozdrawiam 🙂

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