Hi Guys! It’s us, Kaśka and Michał Kuduk – the authors of this blog. Get to know us better!


Michał – 39 years old

The chef… He’s been cooking for 20 years and he’s always been passionate about it. He learnt his profession both in Poland and abroad, e.g. in the UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Norway. So it’s not surprising that he knows how to play with food on the plate – a multiple winner of Polish and international culinary competitions, e.g. .: Primerba Cup 2011 and 2013, Trendy Chef 2013 and finalist of the Polish Culinary Cup. A frequent juror of various culinary competitions. The member of the Poland National Culinary Team representing Poland during the Culinary World Cup 2018 in Luxembourg [got 1 bronze and 1 silver medal] and on the IKA Culinary Olympics 2020 in Stuttgart [came back to Poland with 2 silver medals].


Kaśka – 34 years old

Passionate about near and distant journeys. She’s the one responsible for planning of each and every trip and its logistics. She combines the passion for exploring distant corners of the world with studying foreign languages. Teacher of English and Spanish. Today she’s an authentic polyglot. She can speak: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and knows the basics of German, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese and Chinese.

She worked in grand international companies for about 7 years, having 2 years of experience in Peoples Management. Now she is working for Discover Asia as a tour leader for ”backpack trips” across Asia (e.g. Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal) and is running an aesthetic medicine clinic with her sister in Cracow [ Avant-Garde Clinique ].

Everything started in December 2016 when we set off on a 6-month journey across 12 countries (11 Asian countries + Australia). At that time we decided to quit our jobs and go abroad with our 1-way tickets. Escaping from the materialistic reality where the world seemed like a rat race was one of the best decisions we’ve made in our lives and helped us perceive the world in a totally different manner. What countries did we visit at that time and what was our budget on that trip? – you can get this info from our below post:

Our dream trip across 12 countries – how much did it cost us?