Kayaking paradise – the most interesting Island hopping in El Nido

In the famous resort of El Nido on the Philippine island of Palawan one of the most popular excursions that are picked by tourists is a 1-day boat trip.


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The best bites in the Philippines

Reading the posts on the internet describing the Filipino cuisine, you can easily become discouraged to eat in the Philippines right from the start. Personally, we think there are various alternatives to choose from. If you’ve tried a  dish that doesn’t go with your taste, no worries, there are other culinary options to satisfy your stomach. Michal as a chef got even inspired by some dishes and decided to use this inspiration in the future.. 🙂





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Dried worms, grilled chicken intestines – exotic snacks of the Philippines

In the Philippines there are many snacks and dishes that arouse great controversy. Filipinos like giblets, they throw kidney, liver, heart of a pork to a soup, eat chicken feet (so-called Adidas), they impale pig and chicken intestines on sticks and put them on the grill, they sell ‘balot’ on the stalls (a popular duck egg which in fact contains its embryo). Similarly as in Cambodia you can also find here some fried worms or those already dried which can be purchased at the usual supermarket in a small plastic bag (they taste like crisps and are very cheap).





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It seems that the most difficult is the first step … And the first post! As everybody is afraid of the unknown and undiscovered. Especially when you need to leave your orderly life. But there comes a moment when you simply know that you must do this! So this is why one day we quit our well-paid jobs, resigned from buying a new car and from other conveniences and decided to set off on a journey to Asia. It started from 2-week expeditions, e.g. to Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. And this step led to many others which we don’t regret at all. That step also made us to create this place – a space for commemorating our expeditions, stories about the unknown tastes and sharing impressions from our adventures.

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